Stamp Loupe Art. Pink Elvira No. 132/2018

Stamp Loupe Art. Pink Elvira No. 132/2018

  • Hand made, one of a kind, signed on back.

  • Feature: Original postage stamp, paper, metal chain.

  • Surface: Pink felt textile, gold glitter on wood.

  • Frame: plastic and glass.

  • Back hanger: Metal.

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Each Stamp Loupe is a one-of-a-kind art work that is hand-made and assembled. The stamps are vintage items, which have been used, and may have imperfections such as tiny dust grains, glue residue and other marks. These imperfections are part of the unique beauty and individuality of the pieces. Please do consider this when you are ordering.



Owning a Stamp Loupe Art speaks volumes about your personality, taste level and aesthetics.

Each Stamp Loupe Art is a conversation piece. When shown in your home, studio or office it will always attract attention and curiosity. Each assemblage stamp is attached to a wooden disc covered with variable textiles, paper, paints or other materials specified under each item.


The Loupe frames are made of and/or contain Clear acrylic, Black polymer, and double glass lenses.



Each Stamp Loupe Art has a zigzag hanger on the back, located in the same place, to enable easy precision and accuracy when hanging a group in a line or a grid. I recommend using the L hanger included when hanging a Loupe so it will be firmly secured to the wall for curious viewers who may cling on to it.


To keep your Stamp Loupe Art in best condition for you and future generations please note follow the instructions below:



Water and humidity may damage the Stamp Loupe Art. Keep out of humid spaces (Bathroom, indoor pools and saunas).  Clean the outside with the dry, soft cloth included. DO NOT USE liquid sprays or detergent.



Extreme temperatures may deform the Stamp Loupe Art. Keep in dry place away from direct sunlight.



The kids played ball and smashed the Stamp Loupe Art? Somebody was too excited and dropped the Stamp Loupe Art? In most cases it is fixable. Contact me and I will inspect and provide a quote for restoration if possible.



I will endeavor to ensure accuracy across the website at all times but accept that occasionally there may be mistakes (I am an Artist after all!). Please accept that any errors are absolutely unintentional.

However, if a Stamp Loupe Art is no longer available, or there is a pricing error or a delivery issue, I will let you know as fast as I can. I will suspend your order, contact you about the changes and wait for your agreement to go ahead.



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It goes without saying that we hope you will be delighted with your order when it arrives, but we also understand that sometimes things aren’t quite as you had imagined. We will issue a full refund on any Stamp Loupe Art that is returned to us WITHIN 14 DAYS of being received by you, provided it is in the original condition and original packaging.


Please EMAIL ME IMMEDIATELY at if you intend to return the Stamp Loupe Art.


Please note: delivery costs are non-refundable. The original delivery charge and the cost of returning unwanted goods is your responsibility.


Please make sure that you obtain proof of postage from the Post Office when returning the Stamp Loupe Art. 


If the Stamp Loupe Art is damaged, you will not be eligible or entitled to a refund.



If you find that the Stamp Loupe Art is damaged please EMAIL ME IMMEDIATELY at so that I can do my best to make it right. A refund plus shipping will be issued in full if the Stamp Loupe Art is deemed damaged and it has been returned to us within 14 days of receipt.