Photomontage, Feminism, Pornography: MA THesis

Linder Sterling,  Untitled , 1977, photomontage, 32.9 X 21.5 cm, Tate, London.

Linder Sterling, Untitled, 1977, photomontage, 32.9 X 21.5 cm, Tate, London.

Photomontage, Feminism, Pornography.
MA thesis by Lilac Madar
Tel-Aviv University
The David and Yolanda Katz Faculty of the Arts
The Department of Art History
Prepared under the guidance of
Dr. Vered Maimon
March 2015

The research for this paper was financially supported by Yad Hanadiv Academic excellence scholarship for photography research at Tel-Aviv University.

My thesis focuses on how three artists (Hannah Höch; Richard Hamilton; Linder.), during three different periods of the 20th century, have used fragments of the mass media, via photomontage, to display representations of the female body to subvert the values and ideologies that lay in those images. This thesis addresses feminist issues and the way they are reflected in selected photomontages in which the female body both reflects the ideals of fetishism in society while at the same time undermining its conventions.

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